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Certified Organically Grown

The family is committed to growing grapes without the use of chemicals. Certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers, Oakville Winery uses organic vineyard management techniques. Selective leaf and shoot removal reduces fungus and mildew pressure. Cover crops like oats, peas, mustard and vetch, are planted between rows to naturally inhibit soil erosion, reduce dust, restore nutrients and encourage microbiological activity. Even grape skins and stems are composted after harvest and added back to the soil, replenishing nitrogen and potassium and increasing microbiological activity. We believe that the attention to detail it takes to grow organically replenishes the land and creates better wine. We have grown organically since 1991. For more information about organic farming please visit

Pelissa VineyardPelissa Vineyard

The Pelissa Vineyard is 60 acres planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. The vineyard is named for Andrew and Babe Pelissa, who after their marriage on August 30, 1930 made their home at the site of this vineyard, which at the time was a dairy. Two generations later, the heirs of Andrew and Babe purchased the land in 1993 and named the vineyard in honor of the heritage that began a family business still thriving today, thus bringing the family full circle. The vineyard is formerly known as “BV 7,” one of the vineyards responsible for some of the great BV “Georges de Latour” Cabernet Sauvignons.

Pelissa VineyardOakville is the hub of Napa’s Cabernet fame and we feel a great responsibility to perpetuate that legacy. The Oakville Wines are entitled to be labeled Estate as we both grow and produce our wines in the Oakville AVA. This distinction compels us to guard both the quality of the wine and the annuity of the land for generations to come. You can see why we have valued organic growing and certification for 20 years. What draws wine lovers to the Oakville region is the perfect blending of climate and soil as well as a certain missing ingredient. Pelissa is an old Italian name and every Italian mother knows what makes her dish perfect. Love. We love this property, honor it with our name and make a wines that have heart and soul. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

Our delicious Cabernet Sauvignon is a style that reflects modern Oakville, while at the same time captures the classic flavors of the region.


2016 Zinfandel

Our unique Oakville Zinfandel has developed a powerful structure that is sweet on the front palate and spicy on the back.


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